Mary Humphrey from Zimbaew

I was rejected by several dentists for lack of bone to do dental implants, but was given fixed teeth in 3 days by Dr. Rohan Virani & Team in Mulund Mumbai.

Sandhya Kamat

Harish Patel British actor

Really Happy with my teeth whitening - I can smile more confidently now, feeling better than ever before! Thanks alot Dr. Rohan Virani.

Sandhya Kamat

Anne & Robert Newsum From Newzeland

We are very happy with Dr rohan virani & his team. After carefully explaining my treatment, the root canals and crowns were done in just 10 days time. The treatment was totally painless and we are ecstatic with the final result. We got full mouth rehabilitation with root canals and zirconia crowns.

Jason Bird Patient

Watch video of Jason Bird from England who has missing front teeth replaced by Swiss Dental Implants and Zirconia Crowns

Forest Noble Classified Google Scholar

Watch story of forest noble - a man of international repute and a Classified Google Scholar who came all the way from los angeles (usa) at trisa dental solutions - basal implant centre Mumbai to get fixed teeth in 3 days

Sandhya Kamat

Effie From Australia

Got my smile designing and replacement of zirconia crowns in 2 weeks . I am happy and really satisfied with the team at trisa dental solutions

Sandhya Kamat

Json Bird From England

Got my missing broken teeth replaced with immediate loading implants. the treatment was painless and i strongly recommend dr rohan virani and his team for any dental procedures in Mumbai, India.

Martin From Vienna

Got basal implants done at trisa dental solutions mumbai india, thanks for great work guys!

Sandhya Kamat

Hazel Kafe From Australia

Dr priyal virani is really efficient in her work and has got soft hands . she explains the treatment very well and puts the patient at ease from day one. thankyou dr priyal and rohan virani

Anwar Shah From UK under Dental Tourism India

Thanks for your great help in implementing my teeth in 3 days.

Sandhya Kamat

Javier Elias From Brazil

Amazing is the only word i have for the great work they have done.

Chaitanya Kalberkar Patient

Got fixed teeth with swiss basal implants without bone grafting

Mr. Jay Patient

Mr. Jay derrig from Canada shares his story from no teeth to Fixed Teeth in 3 Days

Mrs Rani prasad Cancer Patient

Thanks Dr. Rohan, for treating my teeth even though of many complexities. Great job.

Sandhya Kamat

Sadia Khan Miss Tiara - Model

Earlier i was loosing lot of assignments due to my crooked smile. Dr. Rohan Virani has made my smile look amazing and i am getting lot of compliments and assignments after it.

Sandhya Kamat

Binny Jain student

Really happy with my cosmetic smile makeover done at trisa dental solutions.